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Star Wars Bend Ems C-3PO...

Bend Ems were produced in 1993 as the first set of Star Wars figures 
since the initial run in the late 1970's and early 80's.

Some were produced with collector cards and some were not. 
This figure is one produced with the collector card.


Many Bend Ems were produced for the series but a small number 
of incorrect figures were made and released prematurely. 


Some C-3PO figures were produced with an EXTEMELY RARE Silver Leg. 
The entire figure should have been gold tone.  


These are sought after by many Star Wars Collectors.  

I have had this specific one since they were produced in 1993.


This is an opportunity to add an EXTREMELY RARE Star Wars item to your collection.

Star Wars Bend Ems EXTEMELY RARE Silver Leg C-3PO 1993

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