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Robert F Kennedy RFK 1968 Campaign Flyer and Button


 Robert F Kennedy started his California primary stops for his 1968 Presidential campaign

in Concord Ca. at Buchanan Airport. He arrived there on June 2nd, 1968 just two

days before he was assassinated in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel after

winning the California primary.


This flyer was used to promote his arrival in Concord and to have a large welcoming

from all his supporters on the west coast.  The flyer is original and was handed out

prior to the event with the promise "HE SAID HE WOULD COME BACK."


This is a historical flyer

It measures approximately 8.25" x 5". 

It is printed on thin beige paper with black and red ink.

Not many were printed for this event and not many survived in this excellent condition.

It has been cared for over decades and kept in a sealed container.



This is a historical button

It measures approximately 1.25"

Orange in color with black letters.

This 1968 Kennedy campaign button supports his Spanish voters with the statement

"Viva Kennedy" 

A Union Bug logo is at the bottom edge of the button and also embossed on the back plate.


Photos of RFK at the airport and also an engraved plate mark the event.


Black frame measures approximately 15.5" x 12.5".

Mounted with a black suede matting.


This is a significant piece of political history/Kennedy history because of the timeline of

Bobby being assassinated just two days later on June 4th, 1968. 

Robert F Kennedy RFK Framed 1968 Campaign Flyer and Button

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