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INTERVIEW:  Edward Asner

CENTERFOLD:  Lorraine Michaels  35-22-34

CELEBRITY:  Ampex Tapes Ad Featuring Blondie and The Bee Gees, Capezio Boots Ad With Danny White Of The Dallas Cowboys,

SPECIAL ARTICLES:  Why Do Men Rape, The Liberation Of A Congressional Wife-Nude Pictorial Of Rita Jenrette, The Girls Of Kokomo Indiana Nude Pictorial, Cheery Bombs Potent Cocktails, Playboys Music 1981-John Lennon Songbook Reflection  On Beatles Songs, Comic Carictures Of the Best,  Little Annie Fanny Comic...

ADVERTISEMENTS:  The Howling Movie Ad (Full Page Color), Porsche 911, Quasar All In One Receiver/Record Player/Tape Deck, American Motors SX/4, Kawasaki, Passport Scotch, Jim Beam, Honda Motorcycles, Canon A-1, BF Goodrich T/A Radials ( Five Full Page),  Yamaha Motorcycles (Two Page Black & Gold Midnight Maxim), Beefeater, Toyota Corolla Tercel, Michelob Light, Pioneer Speakers, Maxell Tapes, Sergio Valente Jeans, Marlboro Lights Two Page,  Jensen Home Audio, Honda Accord LX, Baileys, Halston Suits, Technics, Suzuki Motorcycles....

Playboy Magazine - April 1981

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