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INTERVIEW:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 20 Questions With Yakov Smirnoff

CENTERFOLD:  Melinda Mays  35-23-34

CELEBRITY:  Kim Basinger Nude Pictorial, LeRoy Newman Sketchbook,

SPECIAL ARTICLES:  On The Brink Of 1984, The Education Of Jim Craig, The Women Of Aspen Nude Pictorial, The Year In Sex,

ADVERTISEMENTS:  Porsche 928S Two Page, Datsun Turbo ZX, Honda Motorcycles Three Page Foldout, Camel, Soloflex, Pioneer, Magnavox Home System Four Page Foldout, Marlboro Menthol, Dickel Whiskey (Cowboy In Tub), Honda Civic S, Kahlua, Salem, Escort Detection, Budweiser Light (Old Can Style), Honda Motorcycles, Johnnie Walker Red City Skyline(Cool Ad With Paris, NY, Japan, London, Seattle, St Louis Symbols With Red Background), Technics Turntables,

Playboy/Kim Basinger - February 1983

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