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INTERVIEW:  John Lennon And Yoko Ono ( This Is The Most Indepth, Lengthy Interview That Addresses All The Questions Pertaining To The Beatles, Songs, Individuals And The Future) Just Before John's Untimely Death..... A Must Have For a Lennon Fan...

CENTERFOLD:  Karen Price 38-26-37, Also This Is The 1980 Playmate Review Issue

CELEBRITY:  OJ Simpson Dingo Boot Ad,  Barbara Bach Nude Pictorial, LeRoy Newman Sketchbook,

SPECIAL ARTICLES:  The Astonishing Wrongs Of The New Moral Right,  Why We Crave Horror Movies, The Prime Of Coach Bum Phillips, Cars 1981 - Playboys Pick Of The Pack, Honky Tonk Angels Nude Pictorial, Stocks-Bonds And Rock N Roll,

ADVERTISEMENTS:  Winston Three Page Foldout, Datsun 280-ZX, Jeep Renegade, VW Scirocco, Seagrams 7, VO Two Page, Pioneer Laser Disc, Yardley Musk, Cutty Sark, Technics Tape Decks, Chivas, Mitsubishi Projection TV, Pierre Cardin Mens Cologne, Beefeater, Pioneer Tape Decks, Toyota Starlet,  Nikon, Sony Betamax, Appleton Rum, Eppy & Eppy Boots, JVC Tape Decks, Crown Royal Santa Ad, Drambuie, Tanqueray, Sony Tape Decks, Marlboro Lights,  Two Fingers Tequila......


This Magazine Is In Very Good Conditon With Only Natural Aging Due To A Publication 29 Years Old...

Playboy Holiday Anniversary Issue/Barbara Bach - January 1981

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