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Star Wars 10th Anniversary Theater Poster Set 

The set consists of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi posters

All these posters were displayed at the movie theater for the 10th Anniversary celebration.

All posters measure a nice large size 27" x 41"....


1: Star Wars
The Original Is Back
Silver Star Wars Logo on metallic light blue background
Has original picture of first poster with Luke & Leia with Vader looming in the background
Listing of actors, producers and studio information
Lucasfilm LTD 1982 at bottom of poster
On white border edge has "Printed in USA" in left corner and "Star Wars Is Back-One Sheet" on right corner

The most obvious, rare, collectible object on this poster is the advanced advertisement for the release of the
new Star Wars Saga " Revenge Of The Jedi " which was the working title before "The Return Of The Jedi."
All items that were printed/advertised with this pre-title were recalled and destroyed thus making this a true
collectible item for the avid Star Wars collector.

Overall very good shape with some small creases but displays very nice


2: The Empire Strikes Back
Poster came originally folded from studio to movie theater.
Yellow Empire Strikes Back Logo on black background
Has original picture of first release with Vader overlooking the members of The Rebellion
Listing of actors, producers and studio information
On white border edge right side has One Sheet - Empire Strikes Back - ReRelease Summer 1981

The folding seam's from original shipment has one main fold down center of poster with
three others going left to right
There is a tear/missing piece of poster on white border only, left side in line with logo (see picture).
Other small white border edge wear, creases throughout white border including bottom left, bottom right, top right.
Some tape residue, masking tape remnants and movie title written on back of poster.
Overall the poster itself is in good shape with the exception being the folds. Most of the issues are along the white edge border.


3: Return Of The Jedi
A beautiful work of art.
Gold Return of the Jedi Logo and print on a striking blue background
Nice centered explosion in center of photo of Luke holding light saber.
Main characters throughout the photo presentation.
Listing of actors, producers and studio information
Bottom left white border has RETURN OF THE JEDI 10TH ANNIVERSARY STYLE A. Artwork by Kazo Sano
1994 Lucasfilm
Bottom right white border has PRODUCED BY KILIAN ENTERPRISES PRINTED IN USA  NO. 001150

Overall beautiful poster in great shape. Has small blemish on white border edge overwise very good shape.


I've had these posters for many years and have kept them rolled in a plastic bin. 


They are highly collectible individually but having all three as a set together makes for a beautiful display and also a great addition to your collection.


Please take notice of many reproductions for sale.  Star Wars collectors know the true value of original items and the markings that prove the authenticity. 


These posters will be shipped rolled in a protective tube.



Vintage Star Wars 10th Anniversary Theater 3 Poster Set (SW-ESB-ROTJ) #1

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