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COVER:  Americans Go Shopping For New Cars

ARTICLES:  New Cars That Have That Old Magic, How Is The Economy Doing, African Elegance, Where Have All The Leaders Gone,

ADVERTISEMENTS:  1972 Pontiac Grand Prix, Mercury Motors, Chrysler Motors, American Motors, VW Beetle, Toyota, Plymouth Cricket, Mazda, L&M Filter Kings, Revlon, Log Cabin, Crest, White Horse , Canadian Mist, Eckerd Drugs, Alcoa, Mayflower Movers, GTE, Zenith, GE, Kodak Instamatic, Avon, RonRico Rum,

COMMENTS:  The Advertisements Are All Oversized As Is This Magazine, Most Are Full Color Ads...Natural Page Discoloration, Overall Great Condition...

Life Magazine October 1971

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