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COVER:  Rock Opera - Jesus Christ Superstar

ARTICLES:  Jesus Christ Superstar - A Cultural Timebomb, Black And White Dating, A Super-Huckster Glenn W. Turner, Man That Needle - Celebs Who Sew, The Concorde Prototype,

ADVERTISEMENTS:  Ford Pinto, Chevy Vega, VW Bus, Polaroid, Seagrams, Fame Products, Boeing 747, Shell Gasoline, RCA Televisions, Imperial Whiskey, Sealy, Bacardi And Pepsi/7Up/Club Soda, Citgo, Sambos, Delta And Many More....

COMMENTS:  The Advertisements Are All Oversized As Is This Magazine, Most Are Full Color Ads...Natural Page Discoloration, Overall Great Condition....(Spine Is Pulling Away From Bottom Staple)...

Life Magazine May 1971

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