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COVER:  Nelson Rockefeller

ARTICLES:  they Hear The Wings Of Victory... Speaking Of Pictures...China Asks India Will They Fight...US Gets To Tokyo As Hitler Gets To Vichy...Babies Named MacArthur After The General..Big Bombers Roll Of The Assembly Line...Tokyo Is Bombed At Last...Women In Uniform...Civil Air Patrol, Radio Programs Keep America Informed And Entertained....Nelson A Rockefeller...

ADVERTISEMENTS:  Eight O'Clock Coffee, Listerine, Bell Telephone, Holland Furnace, Clapps Baby Food, Pepsi-Cola, Campbells Soup, Birdseye, Statler Hotels, Mobil Oil, Heinz Baby Food, Old Grand Dad, Dixie Bell Gin, Regal Shoes, Lucky Strike....And Many More

COMMENTS:  The Advertisements Are All Oversized As Is This Magazine, Most Are Full Color Ads...Natural Page Discoloration, Overall Great Condition For A Publication 68 Years Old....

Life Magazine April 1942

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