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President John F Kennedy (JFK)

Title: Observations Based on A Review of the Autopsy Photographs, X-Rays
          and Related Materials of the Late President John F Kennedy  

First Press - Published in May 1972


This is an "extremely rare, hard to find publication" that was not highly printed.

It consists of photographs, diagrams and drawings pertaining to all aspects of the 
JFK assassination by Dr. John Lattimer, MD.


This is a paper item secured with staples consisting of 30 pages. The publication
has some natural discoloration due to aging.  


Some wrinkles from handling but overall in very good condition for being over 50 years old.

Mis-prints of the page numbers exist. The entire publication is labeled pages 34 thru 63
instead of 1 thru 30.


This is a rare publication on the Assassination of President John F Kennedy.

John F Kennedy JFK Observation Analysis Of Assassination Materials ( May 1972)

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