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President John F Kennedy (JFK)
 1960 Democratic National Convention (DNC) Lucite Paperweight


This Lucite paperweight was given to all delegates who supported 
the nomination of JFK at the 1960 Democratic National Convention (DNC)


350 Delegates committed to Kennedy at the 1960 DNC received one of these paperweights featuring a golden replica of his PT-109 with Kennedy 60 etched in the bow and his facsimile signature.

The Lucite paperweight measures approximately 2.25 inches x 1 inch.


JFK delivered his "New Frontier" speech and accepted the nomination for President of the United States at this DNC in Los Angles Ca.


An increasingly scarce item that becomes harder to find in this very good condition.

John F Kennedy JFK 1960 Democratic National Convention DNC Lucite Paperweight -

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