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Hot Wheels Red Line Set

Nineteen cars in total from three different years.
Dated years on bottom of cars are 1967, 1968, 1969


This is a nice starter set or an add on to a collection grouping of original cars.


Condition varies on each car.
Two cars have been painted over with a flat paint.
The 1968 Customer Cougar and one of the 1969 Demon's
These cars can be cleaned up and possibly be restored to the original paint underneath.


Ford J Car
Custom T Bird
Custom VW
Beatnik Bandit


Splittin Image
Turbo Fire
Lola GT70
Custom Cougar (painted)


Jack Rabbit
Shelby Turbine
Mustang Boss Hoss
The Demon
Sand Crab
Red Baron
Paddy Wagon
The Demon - (painted, missing motor)


The set will be sent in the accompanying plastic case that the cars have been 
stored in all these years.

Hot Wheels Red Line Set 1967 1968 1969 (Set of 19 Cars)

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