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COVER: The Best Of Creem - 10 Years Of Rock And Roll

CENTERFOLD: Closeup Of Jimmy Page Of Led Zeppelin Onstage With Cigarette

ARTICLES: The Way They Were - Four Pages Of B/W Photos Of Numerous Bands, Over Exposed, Girls-Girls-Girls Of Rock, Rocks Odd Couples, Backstage Photos, The California Jam

PHOTOS: Over Exposed Classic B/W Photos Of Jaggar Onstage With Hands Down Pants, Blondie In Little Panties Onstage, Rod Stewart Croch Grapping And Many More, David Lee Roth In Open Bathrobe With Sweetie Hunched Over In Short Shorts, Full Page Color Keith Richards Closeup Jamming, The WHO, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, Young Bruce Springsteen, Bob Segar, Ramones, Pat Benatar,

COMMENTS: This One Is Loaded With Photos...The Whole Issue Is Almost All Photos Celebrating the Best Of Creem...This One Has It All.

Creem Magazine Fall 1980 - Special Collector's Edition - 10 years of Rock and Ro

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