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COVER: The Cars

CENTERFOLD: Closeup Of Brian Johnson And Angus Young Of AC/DC Onstage

INTERVIEW:  The Mourning Of John Bonham, British Woodstock Of Heavy Metal, The Cars Race To The Top, AC/DC Without Bon, The New YES, Foghat,

ADVERTISEMENTS: Zildjian, Peavey, Carvin Guitars, The Doobie Brothers Album, Dean Guitars, Shure Sound Systems, the Cars Panorama Album, The Vapors " Turning Japanese Single" Album

COMMENTS: Full Page B/W Photo Of Bonham Behind His Kit, B/W Photos Of Slade, David Coverdale, Joe Elliot, Full Page Color Ric Ocasek Dancing Onstage, B/W Photo Of AC/DC With Johnson, Color Photo Of Bon Scott Backstage...This Issue Is Missing One Page.....Otherwise Great Shape

Circus Magazine November 30, 1980

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