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COVER: Quiet Riot Breaks Loose

CENTERFOLD: Double Page Full Color Bruce Dickinson Of Iron Maiden Onstage


ARTICLES: Def Leppard, Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot,  The Police, Billy Idol, Van Halen,

ADVERTISEMENTS: Ibanez, DiMarzio Pickups, Double Page Ludwig Drummer Ad, 1/2 Page B/W Eddie Money " Crash" Album, Onkyo,

COMMENTS: Full Page Color Photos Of Angus Young, Def Leppard Entire Band Individual Photos, Simon LeBon, Bruce Dickinson Onstage, Quiet Riot Entire Band Individual Photos, Sting Onstage, Double Page Van Halen Onstage....Magazine Is Missing Two Full Pages Inside, Has Some Writing On Front Cover...Otherwise Some Great Pictures and Articles..

Circus Magazine January 31-1984

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