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COVER:  Joe Elliott Of Def Leppard

CENTERFOLD:  Two Page Color Pullout Closeup Of Ozzy Osbourne Shirtless Onstage

ADVERTISEMENTS: Martin Briley Album, Ludwig With Alan Gratzer Of REO, Peavey, Full Page B/W Crosby-Stills & Nash "Allies" Album, Full Page B/W Stevie Nicks " The Wild Heart" Album, Ernic Ball Guitar Strings Full Page Color, Maxell Cassette Tapes, Shure Mics...

COMMENTS: Full Page Color Photos Of Steve Perry Onstage, Neil Schon Onstage, Double Page Full Color Of Van Halen Onstage..... Articles On Pink Floyd, Journey, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, David Bowie, US Festival 1983 With Exceptional Color Photos Of Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Bono Very Young, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Van Halen...Great full Page Color Of Eddie Van Halen Onstage

Circus Magazine August 31-1983

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