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Colorano Silk Cachet Envelope 
John Lennon Memorial Item

Stamped December 9, 1980 
London England


John Lennon was gunned down at 11:15pm EST on December 8, 1980 and this item was produced immediately after the news broke around the world.


Not many were produced and not many have survived. They are highly collectible and normally never offered for sale.


This particular one has a silk cachet of the early Beatles during an appearance on stage somewhere.


The item is in excellent condition and has been taken care of since being purchased by me in 1980.  


There is a very slight natural discoloration due to the item being over 40 years old. It has been kept in a wax envelope in a climate controlled area it’s entire life.


Own a very rare, time stamped limited item reflecting on one of Rock n Roll’s greatest tragedies.

Beatles John Lennon Memorial Colorado Silk Cachet Envelope December 1980

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